DUI/DWI Education

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Have you been arrested for a DUI or DWI? Have you been charged with an illegal possession or paraphernalia? If you have been to court and have been ordered by the judge to attend Alcohol or Substance Abuse Education and/or treatment, then we have the classes you need to fulfill this requirement and in less time than you may think.

If you have not been to court yet, it is best to get an assessment and start either treatment or education before going to court. As attorneys will most likely tell you, this lets the judge know that you are taking responsibility and that you have already had a professional assessment.

Bridging the Gap Services offer a broad range of educational and treatment services for adults in a safe non-judgmental environment.  We have experience working with attorneys, the Drunk Driving Monitoring Program, Parole and Probation, and Social Services.

Our educational and treatment services meet the requirements of several states for court mandated treatment.  In addition, our education and treatment services also meet MVA requirements for the reinstatement of your driving privileges.  We are a Maryland State certified Level 0.5 DWI/DUI education program designed to increase your understanding of the danger of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence or impaired.

In addition, Bridging the Gap Services offers other Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Education services for Adults.

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Providing Services To The Community . . .

Bridging the Gap Services serves adult men and women who are insured, uninsured, or under-insured.  We accept self-referrals, referrals from the criminal justice system (attorneys, Division of Parole and Probation, Drug Court, and diversion programs), the Department of Social Services (child protection services), and referrals from other service providers. We also accept referrals from local hospitals and physicians. 

Getting Started Made Easy . . .

Give us a call at 240-318-5790 to begin the Intake and Admission Process . . . it is that simple!  Once the telephone screening process is complete, we will schedule you an appointment to complete an assessment.

This brief telephone screening will gather demographic information, substance use history, mental health history, and any past or current criminal justice involvement to determine the presence of a substance use disorder.  

Our Intake Assessment Process . . .

Bridging the Gap Services utilizes onsite licensed mental health providers and certified counselors to provide substance use disorder and mental health evaluations and treatment services.  The intake process is approximately 90-minutes, but can sometimes take a little longer (if necessary). 

DWI/DUI Education Treatment Process

During the Intake and Assessment process, If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI or have been mandated by the court to attend Alcohol or Substance Abuse Education and/or Treatment, you will need to complete the Driver Risk Inventory (DRI) Assessment.

The Driver Risk Inventory-2 or DRI-2 assessment is designed specifically for DUI/DWI offenders.

The DRI was rated "The Best" by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is the highest federal authority in the DUI/DWI field. This test has been standardized on over one million DUI/DWI offenders and incorporates DSM-5 classification criteria along with independent measures of alcohol and drug use (or abuse) severity.  The DRI-2 has 113 items, takes 30 minutes to complete and has six measures (scales): 

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Alcohol Scale
  3. Drugs Scale
  4. Substance Use Disorder Scale
  5. Driver Risk Scale
  6. Stress Coping Abilities Scale

Group Education Sessions

Education services are provided in a groups setting.  Each session is 2 hours in length for a period of six weeks.  This component may or may not be covered by private insurance. It will depend on your plan policy.

The focus of this group is to increase your understanding about the myths and facts about blood alcohol content, urges and cravings, legal consequences, the effects of alcohol on driving skills, and the medical aspects of the misuse of alcohol.